Saturday, June 15, 2024
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Top 10 Definitions You Should Know…

Here are today’s top 10 Radio Control Definitions:

  1. Glide Time: The time between the engine falling out of the model and the airplane hitting the ground.
  2. Aeromodeling: The art of turning precision-cut and glued balsa wood and foam into toothpicks and confetti.
  3. Crash: A simple method of seeing inside a model airplane. Also, Synonym for “re-kitting” a model.
  4. Receiver: Part of the radio that picks up interference.
  5. Tank: Temporary storage place for chemicals before they saturate the plane.
  6. Elevator: Device that prevents level flight.
  7. Dead Stick: You will find two of these on your transmitter after failing to properly charge your batteries.
  8. Glitch: The word you yell just after you pull up-elevator while flying inverted, 10 feet above the ground
  9. Fail Safe: A setting on radios that allows the pilot to choose whether to crash near him or far away.
  10. Engine: A device on a model airplane that makes noise, and will suddenly stop doing so just beyond a safe glide-in distance