Sunday, April 14, 2024
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Thunder Power RC G8 Chemistry 70C Lithium Batteries

Thunder Power RC introduces exclusive Generation 8 (G8) chemistry defining new standards in RC LiPo battery performance. The G8 Chemistry difference delivers 10% more power, increased cycle life and ultra-fast charge rates up to 12C* while also boasting a new smaller size and weight combined over all previous generation chemistry. The all-new and exclusive G8 chemistry delivers the smallest and lightest combined footprint up to10% smaller and 5% lighter than previous generation batteries. G8 is the smallest, lightest, most powerful, longest lasting, and fastest charge rate capable LiPo batteries to date! G8 Batteries offer the highest energy and power density in high-discharge rate capable LiPo technology, overall measuring in at a smaller volume per capacity and lower in weight while delivering up to 10% more power than previous generations. This series of LiPo batteries also boasts the highest charge rate capability in the industry with the ability to charge at rates up to 12C* for charge times in 5 minutes or less. Pilots will also benefit from higher retained initial voltage resulting in more power/punch longer, than previous generation batteries.