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Redwing RC 30cc Extra 330 SC

With a wingspan of 76 inches and a weight of 11-12 pounds, the newly released Redwing RC 30cc Extra 330 SC is a lightly loaded, high performance aerobatic airplane that is capable of performing extreme 3D and precision pattern  maneuvers . Available in either a classic red and silver color scheme or a brilliant blue/black and white scheme, the  Redwing RC Extra is capable of high energy flight thanks to a double tapered wing. Built out of the highest quality wood and expertly covered, the Extra includes an abundance of carbon fiber accessories (spinner optional). The Extra showcases the high quality fit and finish that is common to all Redwing RC aircraft, with expertly applied paint that rivals an automotive finish!

Requires a 30 or 35cc engine and metal gear servos with 130-200 oz of torque.   A complete, inclusive  package can be purchased on (Red Deal combo).

$369/$399 (without spinner/with carbon fiber spinner)
Redwing RC


RedwingRC Extra 330 SC Blue RedwingRC Extra 330 SC Red