Friday, July 28, 2017

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End Engine Leaks

Any engine will run cleaner and better if you take the time to properly seal it. Buy high-temperature sealant such as Permatex HIGH-TEMP Red RTV Silicone Gasket Maker and apply it very sparingly to any metalto- metal surfaces …

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Ascending Flat Spins?

IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT, a submarine is a true flying machine, not a boat. Like an airplane or blimp, a submarine can explore its environment in 3 dimensions, flying the same way “flightless” penguins soar through the …

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How To Make A Building Board

The basic construction of typical wooden structures for airplanes is quite simple. The most important concept to consider is the accuracy of the structure. Be it a wing, tail, or fuselage, each piece must be built according to …

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Must-have Hardware

Nothing has captivated my interest in model aeronautics the way electric powered modeling has. After flying glow models for nearly 20 years, and dabbling in electric flight for a small portion of that time, I sold off all …

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