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P-51D Mustang 40 ARF by Hangar 9

The Hangar 9® P-51D Mustang 40 ARF is a unique take on the historic fighter. It’s modeled after the Mustangs flown over Europe with the 357th Fighter Squadron who escorted allied bombers and attacked targets of opportunity during the final months of WWII. Along with its authentic trim scheme and decals, it includes an impressive list of scale details usually only available on more expensive kits. It’s also been designed with a low parts count, so assembly is simple. The overall construction delivers an outstanding sense of realism and the opportunity to choose the power system you enjoy most. Whether it’s gas, glow or electric power; hardware for either option is included, plus you can enhance this fighter even further by making the optional flaps operational. Electric retracts are an easy bolt-in option.

In the air, the P-51D Mustang 40 possesses all the best characteristics of a spirited sport plane. Whether you’re flying aerobatics or strafing the runway, its smooth, precise control response will make it feel as though you’re flying on rails.


Needed To Complete

Gas or Glow Power
– 4+ channel Transmitter and Receiver
– Receiver Battery
– 5 Mini Servos
– Engine
– Propeller

Electric Power
– 4+ channel Transmitter and Receiver
– 4 Mini Servos
– Motor and Speed Control
– Battery Pack
– Propeller

Optional Flaps
– 1 Mini Servo

Optional Scale Accessories
– 25–46 85-degree main electric retracts set
– Pilot bust