Tuesday, July 23, 2024
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Horizon Hobby LLC Acquires Gustav Staufenbiel GmbH

Horizon Hobby, LLC  announced today that it has acquired Gustav Staufenbiel GmbH through its German subsidiary, Horizon Hobby GmbH. Gustav Staufenbiel is an RC retailer and manufacturer with a long history of success in the European hobby market. As a manufacturer, it is best known for its proprietary brands, Staufenbiel and Dymond. These brands encompass a wide variety of RC products including electric gliders, foam airplanes, motors and accessories. As an RC retailer, Staufenbiel enjoys an excellent reputation among European consumers who value its superb product selection and customer service.
Horizon Hobby, LLC CEO, Joe Ambrose, says Staufenbiel is a natural fit for the Horizon family, “Ever since we established Horizon Hobby GmbH in 2008, Staufenbiel has been one of our strongest partners. Their support of our proprietary brands and excellent customer service has helped us make significant inroads in the European market. More importantly, both of our companies share similar values and a distinct passion for helping people have fun with hobbies.”For the near future, Gustav Staufenbiel will remain an independent company and its 21 employees will continue to work from their headquarters in Barsbuttel, Germany – just 30 minutes away from the Horizon Hobby DE facility in Elmshorn. The former owner, Mr. Och, is also staying on as a consultant.
For those European distributors and retailers wondering what this acquisition means for them, Mr. Ambrose makes it clear nothing has changed, “Adding Staufenbiel is not going to change the business model of Staufenbiel or Horizon Hobby GmbH. Both companies will continue to develop the market with our partners as we always have.”
For further details or comment about this acquisition, please contact Horizon Hobby Publicist, Kim Payne, at (217) 403-3148.