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HobbyKing Cobra 90mm Sport Jet EDF EPO PnF

Like to go fast? If you do and you like flying in style, check out the Cobra 90mm Sport Jet EDF. Designed around a 8S (29.6V) LiPoly, 11 Blade 90mm EDF and a powerful 3553 1120KV motor, the Cobra takes off with authority and keeps on going. This is not your average foamie EDF, it is a feature packed model with premium components designed for durability and reliability.

The light weight EPO airframe leaves a slick finish for those high speed runs straight down the runway, while a highly visible trim scheme keeps you oriented when you sky her out. Large flaps slow the Cobra down for smooth landings. Speaking of landing, the Cobra comes with all aluminum retractable gear with sequenced gear doors and functional oleo struts for those less than perfect landings. Aluminum wheels on rubber tires round out a nice landing package. Other notable features of this model include ball links on all pushrods, a large removable battery hatch, and a two piece plug-in wing. Connecting the wing servos couldn’t be easier since the Cobra has a integrated PCB board/connector setup. Each wing only requires one connector to plug in the aileron/flap/retract. We also include two different vertical fin designs with rudder servos pre-installed in each allowing you to customize the look of your Cobra.

The Cobra comes out of the box plug and fly. Just install your 6+ channel receiver, charge up your 8S Lipoly battery, program the transmitter and fly! One evening of work is all you need to have the Cobra up and running.

• Plug and Fly – Minor assembly, just install your receiver and battery
• Molded EPO foam airframe
• Bolt together construction
• Aluminum Retractable landing gear with sequenced gear doors
• High power EDF unit pre-installed
• Alloy wheels with rubber tires
• Ball links on all pushrods
• Two different vertical fins included

Wingspan: 1300mm
Length: 1537
Flying Weight: 3100g
Motor: 3553 1120kv brushless
ESC: 80A brushless
Servo: 11 x 9g digital metal gear

6CH transmitter and receiver
8S 29.6V 4000mAh lipoly battery