Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Hitec H4 Four-Port Computer-Controlled Multicharger

With a sleek, aluminum design, easy-to-read backlit graphic display and four computer-controlled charging ports with Lithium cell-balancing circuits, the Hitec H4 is a versatile charger for all electric airplane and helicopter pilots as well as demanding racers and backyard bashers. Each 120-watt port is capable of delivering up to 8 amps of charging power. The independent charging channels can also be paired to provide two independent 240-watt charge ports, or two120-watt ports with a single 240-watt charge port. The H4 works with all common battery types, including Lithium, NiCd/NiMH and lead acid chemistries. These features and versatility, along with the H4’s unwavering reliability, safety functions, upgradeable firmware and PC-interface capability using the HPP-22 PC Interface, make this charger worthy of a second look.