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Flyzone Mini Switch RTF and TxR

Fly Your Way! The Mini Switch lets you change between a low-wing and a high-wing mounting quickly and easily. Its compact size makes it easy to transport to and from the flight park without disassembling the plane.The Mini Switch RTF includes a 2.4GHz radio, so you can be airborne in minutes. There’s also a Tx-R Prime version you can fly with your battery, AnyLink and transmitter. Experience the more flexible and fun way to fly today with the Flyzone Mini Switch.

– Super-tough, ultralight and factory-finished AeroCell foam fuselage
– Includes all necessary parts for a high-wing and a low-wing version
– Both arrive with a brushless motor, ESC, SLT 2.4GHz receiver and four micro servos already installed
– RTF includes: Tactic TTX404 2.4GHz radio, 3S LiPo battery, charger and “AA” batteries
– Tx-R Prime lets you fly with your favorite transmitter and use the battery and charger of your choice.

Wingspan: low 31 in (785 mm), high 34 in (865 mm)
Weight: 20.4-21.2 oz (580-600 g)
Length: 32.5 in (825 mm)
Tx-R requires: Anylink and compatible 4-channel transmitter or comparable transmitter with SLT, 11.1V, 1300mAh LiPo battery & compatible charger