Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Flight Basics

Upgrade Your Linkages

Several of the planes that you have in the air, on the bench and in your shop are probably ARFs (look around!). Most of these came with nice hardware packages, but the hardware can often be improved to provide better function and/or reliability.

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So You Want to Learn to Fly an Airplane While Keeping Your Feet on the Ground?

I'll start out with the one piece of advice that will help the most: work with an instructor. Most model plane clubs are full of people who are happy to take the time to teach you to fly. Our club will help anybody who just shows up at our flying site; we even have a plane for them to learn on.

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Hovering Explained!

I am really glad to be writing this new column and especially to be a contributor to Fly RC Magazine! This magazine is going to be the place to discover and learn about the best and coolest gear, …

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