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Esprit Models Jeti High Voltage Capacitor Module AddCap

Jeti High Voltage Capacitor Module AddCap

Placed between the main battery pack and speed controller (ESC) Capacitor Module buffers the power surges that can result from running extended leads between the pack and the ESC.

AddCAP 820 and AddCAP 1640 are add-on capacitor units designed to enhance battery power supply for drive systems using low-impedance electric motors (1-2 pole), mostly Electric Ducted Fan or Geared Inrunner motors. They should also be used when the wires from your battery to your ESC need to be lengthened more than 200mm (8″). In cases where the wires are longer, use one AddCAP 820 or AddCAP 1640 for each 200mm (8″) section. Another advantage of adding an additional capacitor is to reduce possible interference which may be caused by current moving through your power wires. Recommended for use with 2.5-6 mm2 (14AWG – 10AWG) wires.

Capacitor Modules contain High-Voltage capacitor(s), the 820 size is recommended for current up to 100A and 1640 up to 300A. Jeti AddCAPs work up to 63V (15S) battery pack.

60mm x 35mm x 24mm/27g