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Developing new RC opportunities within the air show industry

Do you enjoy a good full scale air show where vibrant aircraft tumble from the heavens billowing thick tails of smoke while prop and engine noise shatter the atmosphere with the power of a thousand stampeding horses? Get the picture?
       As an air show sponsorship consultant for Blue Sky Aerosports, an aviation marketing and management firm, my job is to build a better air show. For this reason, I hired Dave Scott last summer, owner of 1ST RC Flight School, as one of the featured aerobatic performers for Minnesotas Airfest, the Midwests historic Air Show & Balloon Rally located in Faribault, Minnesota. Dave is an exceptionally talented RC pilot that flies extreme aerobatic demonstrations with a giant scale Extra 260 and Edge 540. His air show performances exhibit a colorful flare that mark him as a true professional of his craft.       Like audiences at any air show, many of Airfests attendees grew up building model airplanes while dreaming of their handiwork taking flight. Our event staff felt that the appeal of witnessing model aircraft flown to their limits at a full scale air show would reinforce a lasting connection to an exciting and interactive family hobby, as well as introduce many kids to RC modeling.


To expand the interest of the show, we had Dave give some presentations at community schools beforehand. His aircraft models provided a rich visual medium to learn about basic aerodynamics by providing kids an opportunity to observe the control surface movements during static demonstrations. These appearances successfully promoted the show and introduced many young people to the merits of RC modeling.


An incredible flight performance is self-promoting, and by adding a speakers stage, microphone, and a few colorful models, air show attendees were able to ask Dave direct questions to discover more about the different aspects of RC flight as well as how to participate within their local modeling clubs. When he explained how his RC Flight School introduces novices to the modeling world, a large crowd quickly gathered to hear how such a unique facility with a proven teaching philosophy can train even the most ham-fisted enthusiasts to fly RC aircraft. Having just thrilled the crowd during the air show, Dave commanded instant recognition and credibility to support his comments.

Blue Sky Aerosports Operations Director and Air Show pilot Mike Nikkum and 1st RC Flight School owner Dave Scott consider the differences between flying Mikes full scale Staudacher and Dave Scotts slightly smaller Edge 540T.
Dave Scott discusses some basic aerodynamics with a group of school children.


Air shows have always been a family activity. Watching the response to Daves performances and his hands-on presentations afterwards highlighted how aviations vast intrigue fascinates both young and old. A wide audience of children and adults can easily relate to Daves RC models because they seem more readily accessible than much more expensive full size aircraft.

       There is truly something for everybody within RC modeling. Daves appearances at Airfest 2007 helped highlight the spectrum of aviation options available to the spectators during the air show weekend. It was easy to see that incorporating RC models as a featured act translated directly into additional excitement and approval from the public, the event sponsors, and the air show staff.

We didnt hesitate to book Dave Scott again for Airfest 2008


1st RC Flight School,, (715) 524-2985

Faribault Area Airfest & Balloon Rally,

Blue Sky Aerosports,, (612) 618-5883