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HobbyKing Dr. Mad Thrust EDF Testing Stand

The Dr. Mad Thrust EDF testing base is the ultimate tool for the jet jock. This heavy-duty thrust measuring base is machined out of all aluminum for strength and rigidity. Holes in the base allow you to attach it to your workbench to prevent the fan from taking off across the room during testing. An electronic thrust scale measures in ounces or grams up to 10000g (353oz). Using this base is the best way to safely and accurately measure thrust. Imagine, trying different battery setups, motors, even speed control settings to see what impact they have on your total thrust.

• All aluminum alloy base
• Electronic thrust measuring scale
• Linear bearing supported fan cradle

Dimensions: 240x180x115mm
Weight: 1680g
EDF Size: 50~90mm
Max Thrust Value: 10000g / 353oz
Value Increment: 1g / 0.1oz

2 x AA Batteries
EDF Unit