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N-Tech Mig 15 EDF ARF

Fly An Icon Of Jet Aviation History.

This beautifully detailed Mig 15 from N-Tech Jets includes all-metal air retracts with air control system and oleo struts. Expertly finished, the aircraft is made up of wood and carbon frame. The wings are sheeted and covered, the fuselage is sheeted with molded ABS and factory painted to match.

N-Tech Jets Mig 15 EDF ARF w/ Retracts and Struts

Part No. 190152
Regular Price $1499.99

Wings are plug-in featuring heavy duty aluminum joiner tubes, the tail assembly is removable using aluminum tubes and this makes it easier to transport than you might think. N-Tech Jets even includes a simple cockpit and instrument panel, just add a pilot and you’ll have a good looking finished cockpit.

We recommend the Jet Hangar E-Turbax 120mm fan system. This provides great speed, thrust, and climb at a price much cheaper than most high performance fans in this size and performance specification class.

The N-Tech Jets Mig 15 gives you a great looking scale jet that is big, great flying, and a real attention getter at the field.

Wing Span: 72 inches – 1828mm
Length: 72 inches – 1828mm
Flying Weight: – 18-22 lb
Fan Size: 120mm
Power System: 12S
Functions: A/E/T/R/F/G

Optional Brakes

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