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Deluxe Materials Fix ‘n’ Flex Adhesive

 Deluxe Materials Fix ‘n’ Flex Adhesive

Don’t throw away that broken wing just yet. Deluxe Materials has released Fix “n” Flex, a clear, tough, resilient, gap-filling adhesive. It bonds foam, plastic and metal. This adhesive produces flexible bonds in ways that other glues cannot.

Fix ‘n’ Flex is a 1 part, clear, air drying, flexible adhesive with gap filling properties. It has exceptional surface grip and is safe to use, curing at 1-2 mm /hour. Joints that are both waterproof & heatproof. It is especially effective where joints need to:
· Flex, expand, gap fill or withstand shock or vibration.Deluxe Materials Fix ‘n’ Flex Adhesive
· Be non-corrosive or aggressive to paints, plastics or electrical parts.
· Withstand heat.

Its uses are many and include:
· Foam models -construction and repairs.
· Bonding plastic servo trays & motor mounts into foam.
· Bonding plastic or carbon fibre stiffeners into foam.
· Securing plugs, leads & cables from vibration.
· Creating exhaust gaskets & sealing cable exits.
· Securing model railway track street furniture, buildings & trees.
· Bonding wood and metal into plastic moulded boat parts.

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