Monday, December 18, 2017
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Cirrus SR22T 30cc ARF

Cirrus Aircraft's Cirrus SR22T is one of the coolest looking civilian airplanes available today and Hangar 9's officially licensed, giant-scale version is a faithful reproduction.

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The Sharper Image RC Cessna 182

From Fly RC Magazine: Unlike many “toys” that you see in stores, this is a real 4-channel RC aircraft that is easy to repair with full parts availability in the event of a mishap. This is truly a …

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FLY RC BONUS: Bob Benjamin’s Old Time Model Workshop

  Visit Bob Benjamin’s Old Time Model Workshop CLICK HERE to visit the site

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Unusual Radials

The 5-cylinder Morton-Burgess M-5 pictured right, was massproduced from 1946 to 1948. It sold for about $75.00 and ran well but could not hold a candle to the more powerful 2-strokes of that era. In the August, 1955 …

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